The Chili Cookoff


Bubba's Annual Shanghai Chili Cook-off is entering its 10th historical event in the Fall of 2015.  The event each years draws in more than 1,000 guests and several dozen teams who compete on the day for the honor of making the Best Chili in Shanghai.  The outdoor festival is a classic rendition of great festivals that take place all over North America, which includes live music, activities for kids, eating contests, and of course the teams competing for titles at the end of the day.  The event has been recognized as an official CASI super regional competition and one year sent two teams to compete in the International Chili Championships in Terlingua, Texas.

The Barbeque Cookoff


Bubba's added an annual barbecue cook-off to its event list in 2010 with great success.  From the start the event attracted more than 1,000 guests and usually two dozen teams who compete for awards in any or all of five categories, ranging from Best Sausage to Best Pork Ribs to Best Pulled/Chopped Meat.  Held on the same site as the Chili Cook-off, the barbecue cook-off promises to be a year on year hit among Shanghai barbecue enthusiasts.