BBQ, barbeque, barbecue, Bar-B-Q… These are just a few of the common spellings for a cooking technique that ranges from oven roasted meat smothered in smoke-flavored sauce to grilling quickly over hot coals.

At Bubba’s, we choose a less common form of spelling the word to differentiate ourselves from the many other “BBQs” offered by restaurants. Our way of spelling bar-b-que stands for cooking meat “low and slow,” which means the meat is on the pit from six to 15 hours, and never cooked in an oven, on a gas grill, or over charcoal.

Well done, medium rare or served sizzling hot…it’s not

The process of smoking meats at low temperatures means that we cannot serve “medium rare” or even “well done.” Quality smoked meats leave behind several very distinguishable trademarks to the trained eye:
1) there is a dark outer crust called the bark;2) just inside the bark there’s a nice reddish-colored smoke ring; and,3) the inside portions of the meat can sometimes be pink and tender, but are far from being undercooked.  
Finally, all of our meats are smoked and then kept warm in our warming oven, which is to say they’ll never arrive to your table sizzling hot, but rather, warm and ready to eat!