Shanghai Chili Cook-off Rules and Requirements  

Rules/Information for Participating Teams

  1. Entry fee per team is 200 rmb (non-refundable) and each team can up to four “free entry” passes; additional support crew or team members will be required to pay event entry fee at the gate
  2. Teams can be independents, or sponsored by a corporation or restaurant, and should consist of one Head Chef, and up to three other members
  3. Entry form can be submitted online or can be printed and dropped off at any Bubba’s to the attention of Ken Walker along with the entry fee
  4. The cook-off grounds will be set up on Friday night and team slots assigned randomly
  5. Teams can drop off items on Friday evening for their booth or for use in cooking chili
  6. Awards will be presented for Best Overall Chili, Best Chili Runner Up, Honorable Mention Chili, People’s Choice, and The G-Man Award for Best Theme/Showmanship
  7. Teams must cook chili onsite on the morning of November 7th, pre-prep can take place at home, such as dicing onions, tomatoes, etc., or grinding/slicing peppers and spices; however, all cooking, browning, smoking, and sautéing must take place on the chili cook-off grounds
  8. Teams can arrive any time after 8 a.m. and start cooking chili
  9. Each team should use a minimum of 5 kg of meat, using their choice of chicken, pork, beef, lamb, goat, or any exotic legal meat they choose
  10. Beans will not be accepted, along with other “foreign objects” such as corn, rice, pasta, fruit, etc. Chili entries deemed to contain such items will be disqualified from judging
  11. You will need to bring your own cooking tools, such as portable gas burners, gas canisters, skillets, chili pot, serving ladle, chopping knives, cutting boards, etc
  12. Each team will have two working tables (standard IBM folding table) and an overhead tent measuring 3 m x 3 m
  13. You will also be responsible for decorating your booth based on your theme
  14. Official judging will take place using a blind tasting process as outlined by CASI.  Chili will be judged based on color, aroma, and taste
  15. The People’s Choice Award will be decided by the public
  16. Note: Turn in time for this year’s event is 2 p.m. and awards will be announced at 5 p.m.