Barbeque Cookoff

Fourth Annual Shanghai Barbecue Cook-off Rules and Registration

Saturday, May 24th, 2014 (rain or shine)

Public Entry: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Team Entry: See Details Below

1. Registration is free for teams entering the cook-off so that you can focus your resources on procuring meats, spices, booth decorations, etc
2. A deposit of 200 rmb will be used as a “spot holder” for teams and will be returned on the day of the event, unless the team is a no show and then the deposit is forfetted
3. If you don’t have equipment, don’t worry as Sunline Grills is sponsoring grills for teams in need (more details on the attached registration form)
4. Each team can have up to four free passes for team members, additional crew will need to pay the gate entry fee of 100 rmb
5. Teams can enter the grounds as early as Friday evening or on Saturday morning; prepping, marinating, seasoning, brining can take place any time before 6 a.m. on Saturday morning; COOKING CANNOT START UNTIL 6 a.m. on event day
6. Our longtime sponsor, Crown Relocations, will once again play an important role in managing the logistics to get team grill equipment to the site and back; a logistics request form is included with the attached registration form
7. Charcoal, wood, or gas, or combination, is permitted
8. Crown will not move gas canisters so teams will be responsible for getting this to the site on the day of the event; we also will have a “gas guy” on hand with canisters for rent (this is subject to change based on discussions with local authorities)
9. Competition categories and turn-in times: Sausage (Noon); Chicken (1 p.m.), Pork Rib (2 p.m.); Beef (3:00); Chopped/Pulled Meats (3:30 p.m.); Mystery Meat (4:00 p.m.)
10. Teams can enter as many categories as they like
11. Awards will be given to the top three in each category, plus a Grandmaster’s Award will be given to the team that scores the most points over any FOUR categories…taking any given team’s highest four scores
12. Best in Show award will be given to the team with the best theme/decorations
13. At turn in, teams must put six distinguishable small portions into the official turn in container for the six judges; a head cook/captains meeting will take place on site on the morning of the event
14. Sauce may be applied directly to the sample, but not puddle in the container
15. Toothpicks, skewers, garnish and other foreign materials will not be allowed in the containers
16. Teams are responsible for bringing their own utensils and support items, such as bowls, coolers, towels, brushes, etc
17. If you wish to bring some refreshments, please feel free to do so but in quantities for team consumption only; if it is deemed the team has brought in excess then it will be confiscated and given back after the event; we will be selling beverages at discounted prices to help cover costs of the event so we appreciate your support in this area
18. Please cook in quantities you are comfortable with for feeding close friends, other team members, and some of the general public; the main focus should be on the competition and getting your best presentation/example of good barbecue to the judge team
19. Teams are not allowed to sale product on the day or give away vast quantities of other food items
20. It is up to each team to maintain hygiene and a clean work area, and keep meats at 140 F or above after it has been cooked
21. If extremely inclement weather looks probably, we will call the event off with five days notice to teams and the public and schedule for the following Saturday

Team Head Chef's name

Contact Phone number

Which will you be entering? (Turn in times included for your convenience & planning.

Logistics Form

Note: Crown Relocations will not transport gas canisters for your grill; pick-up will be coordinated by Crown directly with you with pick up either on Thursday or Friday, and based on your location in relation to other pick-ups.

What is the approximate size of your equipment?

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