Barbeque Cookoff

Fourth Annual Shanghai Barbecue Cook-off

Rules and Registration

Saturday, May 24th  (rain or shine)

Public Entry: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Entering a Team

  1. Registration is free for teams entering the cook-off so that you can focus your resources on procuring meats, spices, booth decorations, etc
  2. A deposit of 200 rmb will be used as a “spot holder” for teams and will be returned on the day of the event, unless the team is a no show and then the deposit is forfeited
  3. Each team can have up to four free passes for team members, additional crew will need to pay the gate entry fee of 50 rmb
  4. Registration for a team can be done online at

Giving Proceeds Back to Teams/Guests Entry/Taste Tickets

  1. This year, we will give a portion of the event proceeds back to teams to help you with your expenses; we are adopting some KCBS tournament structure for this
  2. Basically, we are lowering our gate fee by 50% to 50 rmb per person.  After entering the grounds, guests will need to purchase taste tickets for 10 rmb each (we will sell books of 100 and books of 50 for 100 rmb and 50 rmb, respectively)
  3. At your cooking station, you will take one ticket from each guest to get a sample from your team of whatever meat you might have ready at the time (naturally based on turn in times)
  4. If it is a whole pork rib, or any larger sample like a whole chicken leg, then we ask you to collect two tickets
  5. Naturally, it is up to you whether or not you want to accept a ticket from a person; for instance, if it's a friend or another competitor perhaps you won't take a ticket from them
  6. At the end of the event, you bring your collected tickets to the event registration table and for each ticket you own we will give you 50 percent of its value back.  In other words, if you collect 100 tickets you will get back 500 rmb; 200 tickets 1,000 rmb; 300 tickets 1,500 rmb
  7. The other 50% will go back to event to pay for space, bands, tents, tables, audio equipment, power grid, etc
  8. With this arrangement, you can cook and serve as much as you like to keep the tickets rolling in during the afternoon
  9. You also do not need to stick to our main categories, for instance if you want to sell chicken wings for 10 rmb each you may do so; or stuffed peppers you may do so…totally up to you

Public Vote

  1. Along with the above rule changes, we also will have a public vote this year allowing those sampling barbecue to vote on their favorite overall team (not necessarily by category)
  2. Each person that enters will receive a vote token, and that token should be given to their favorite team, ideally after sampling as much as they can from all of the teams
  3. There will be a People's Choice Award at the end of the day based on a count of these tokens

Judge Categories/Turning in Judge Samples

  1. As with past years, we will have 6 judges plus 4 or 5 judge coordinators, lead by Head Judge Mark Brown
  2. At the event there will be a turn-in station where you bring your submissions at the given times (outlined below)
  3. Each team will have a team number, and each submission will be given a random number that links back to their team number via a KCBS scoring spread sheet
  4. Judges will give scores based on: Appearance, Aroma, and Taste
  5. Judges are instructed to score based on what to them represents good barbecue without regard to a specific style or region
  6. The event will provide you with specific turn in containers, and inside you should put six individual samples, plus a show piece if you like
  7. The container cannot have garnish, puddled sauces (the meat can be brushed with sauce), toothpicks, or any other item besides the meat samples
  8. Each container will have a section of foil so if you wish to wrap you may to keep the meat warm before it gets to the judge table

Mystery Meat Category

  1. At 2:30 p.m. we will submit to you the Mystery Meat category for you to prepare however you like

Turn-in Times/Categories

  1. For each turn in time, you will have a window of 10 minutes (five minutes before the hour, and five minutes after the hour)
  • 11 a.m. – Sausage Turn-in (5 minutes before 11, and 5 minutes after 11)
  • Noon – Chicken
  • 1 p.m. – Pork Ribs
  • 2 p.m. – Beef (open to whatever cut of beef you wish to submit)
  • 2:30 p.m. – Pulled/Chopped Meat (this submission can have more sauce than the others)
  • 3:00 p.m. – Mystery Meat (this submission is for fun and will not count towards GrandMaster, but we will give out an award for the best preparation)

Awards and GrandMaster Award

  • Awards will be given to the top three teams in each category (with the exception of Mystery Meat)
  • The team that earns the highest average scores over any four out of the five main categories will be named GrandMaster (only one award for GrandMaster)
  • Award ceremony will begin at around 4:00

Start Times

  • Teams can start to show up early on Saturday morning, but you can't start to cook meat until 6 a.m.  We will have inspections onsite to ensure
  • You can arrive earlier to build fires and bring cookers up to temp, and prepare your meats for the day
  • A meat check in representative will be on hand to inspect meats and ensure there are no pre-cooked products in your coolers


  • Teams cannot pre-cook any of the items for the event
  • You may marinate, brine, season, etc, prior to the event


  • Crown Relocations will be coordinating pick-up of your grills in the few days prior to the event, and will return them back to you following the event
  • This has worked very smoothly in the past without any problems, even with the heaviest of equipment
  • I encourage you to bring/source your own quality equipment
  • If you don't have, then you can sign up to use a Sunline Grill, sponsored by Sunline
  • These are going to be a mix of gas and charcoal and are available in limited numbers
  • You will be responsible for your own charcoal, wood, etc, but Sunline will be selling some of these items onsite during the day
  • You are responsible for your own cooking utensils, cutting boards, knives, ice, etc
  • Be sure and complete the logistics form for your grill pick up and re-delivery
  • Each team will get a 3x3 m tent, along with two working tables and one shared table placed between your neighboring team


  • I have access to Hickory and Mesquite Chunks, which I am selling for 100 rmb for 5 kg (my cost)
  • Let me know if you need via e-mail
  • Regarding gas, we will purchase from an authorized source, but encourage you to label your can and send it with Crown on the truck…just in case connections are not compatible


  • After the event, please assign an individual to take care of your important belongings
  • Each year, teams that have partied hard all day simply walk away leaving some valuable things behind, which usually disappear before even my staff can find them
  • We will attempt to run through and point out bags and such prior to the end of the event to remind participants

Meat Sources

  • Yasmine's – Offering a discount to teams competing in the cook-off contact Henrick at
  • TenderPlus – Will deliver wholesale meats to teams in the cook-off for the cook-off only, and with a minimum quantity ordered for home delivery. Contact Kane at
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