Howdy Ya’ll!

Bubba's Texas-style Bar-B-Que and Saloon opened its doors in Shanghai in June 2006 and has been going strong ever since. As the first truly authentic American-style barbeque joint in China, we promised from day one to stay true to the unique cooking processes and characters that have become hallmarks of great American barbeque. As such, we choose only premium imported meats and then use our own proprietary blends of spices and sauces to flavor them before, during, and after we slow cook them using split apple wood logs from China's interior orchards. This” low and slow” cooking process is what gives Bubba's smoked meats their unique flavor for all to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you at Bubba's for dinner or for one of our great legendary events, or look forward to your call for hosting a party or catering an outside function.

Pitt Boss and Partner

Special Texas Barbeque

The single most authentic Texas style barbeque in China. The best of all to a lot of our Texan customers. 

So much more than just texas barbeque

Barbeque is not only all we serve. We have some of the best western food in Shanghai: Burgers, Steaks, Handmade Pizzas, and a lot much more.